Accepting the Alpha

MM Good Book Reviews– 5/5 -“I want to thank J.J. for giving me an awesome new love. I have always loved paranormal romance especially with two very hot and sexy men. This book was amazing and I loved it. J.J. has an amazing gift for telling stories. This one has ranked up into my favorites list. This is book one in this series and you have got to read it…”

Literary Nymphs– 4/5- “I’m a sucker for werewolf novels and the blurb for this new series certainly piqued my interest.

…the author makes them into a believable couple and manages to do it during a time filled with danger, anger and betrayal.”

Crystal’s Many Reviews– 5/5- “I loved the shifter aspect of the story. The sex scenes that happened were done extremely well in my opinion. I did like how there was enough drama and action happening in the book that it kept me turning the pages.

I was really left wanting for more, but not in a bad way in any means. The secondary characters were done insanely well. Each had their own personality and added to the story in their own ways.

There is action, drama, suspense and intrigue that will keep you going as you progress further into the story. Even with everything that was happening and going on during the course of the book, I didn’t feel as though we were overloaded with information.

I can say that I cannot wait for the next book in the series because I want to see what the author has in store for us next.”

Long and Short Reviews– 4/5- “Accepting the Alpha is a great shifter story. It has some great characters and an interesting premise. With suspense and a bit of angst, I found myself completely enthralled with Eli Steele and Kellan Reeves. They are both strong male characters and I loved that they found each other and were willing to work through all the issues that popped up.

I highly recommend this story, because it’s an interesting new world and I’m hoping the start to a new series. I really want to read more books in this world from this author.”

Rainbow Book Reviews– “I very much enjoyed this book and I’m looking forward to more by this author. Her writing is very gripping and, in my opinion, can only get better. Since I was pretty darned impressed with her first effort, I can only imagine how she’ll grow. Great job, JJ!”

Jeep Diva– 5/5- “The author brings the story to life with vivid imagery, details and strong charming characters that grab the reader’s attention from the very beginning. The action is well written and orchestrated making it believable and easy to picture the events as they happen.

I found this werewolf romance to be a riveting and entertaining read with a few surprises and lots of spine tingling tension and sizzling passion. I can’t wait to read more books in this series and about these captivating shifters.”

The Novel Approach– 4/5- “This was a wonderful story and a great book for first time author JJ Black. I felt that the characters were fleshed out well, and the storyline moved along at a good pace…this one is a winner and a fabulous start to what promises to be a great series.”

Coffee Time Romance– 5/5- “If you like hotties then JJ Black provides a plethora of hotness for the reader to enjoy. The characters draw the reader into the story with the provoking depiction of the Alpha and the entire pack. The storyline was absorbing and the lust between Kellan and Eli is hot enough to set the book on fire and make the reader pant. JJ Black is an amazing writer and I look forward to reading more of her writing in the future.”



Ask the Oracle

Literary Nymphs4.5/5- “The captivating plot is well paced. The characters are creditable.

JJ Black has created a thrilling saga packed with magic, action as well as intrigue. The interaction between the characters is amusing, the intimacy is exceptional. I thoroughly enjoyed Ask the Oracle.”

Mrs Condit Reads Books5/5- “Ask the Oracle was a fun ride into the imagination of JJ Black.

I recommend Ask the Oracle by JJ Black to anyone who loves a good demon tale. This one is just different enough to challenge the mainstream while keeping you thoroughly entertained. I am anxious for the next installment!”

Joyfully Jay– 3.75/5- “What I liked most about this story was the uniqueness.

I hope to read more of these characters and the secondary characters in the future. Right now, I can recommend this story to lovers of PNR, demons and their soft hearts, and someone looking for unique world-building.”

Crystal’s Many Reviews– 5/5- “The story overall was one that I did completely enjoy. There were plenty of twists and turns throughout it all that kept me on the edge of my seat, waiting to find out what was going to happen next. There were a lot of characters introduced during the course of this book, and I would say that was the one main downfall of the story. It was difficult at times to keep track of who was who, and what they were in relation to the main characters.

The author has a great start to a new series and I really can’t wait to see what happens in the next book!”
Jeep Diva– 5/5- “Anticipation builds throughout the story as the Dreo and Gary try to determine who the murderer is and who should be placed on the throne. The betrayals and revelations and some serious violence adds some spice, but the story is balanced out by some snarky and humorous dialogue and friendships and romance.I was thoroughly engrossed in this fantastic story from beginning to end. There are lots of intriguing characters and tantalizing possibilities for future books and I am looking forward to reading the next one.”



Our Omega

Love Bytes– 4/5- “I read the first book and couldn’t wait to read the next book in the series. I’m so glad that I did.

This book flowed so smoothly. It was seamless from the first book.

So, if you want a really great book to read that deals in shifters, bondings and menages, this is the perfect book for you. This lovely story had me hooked from the moment I started until the moment I finished. I didn’t want it to end and now, I’m waiting impatiently for the next book in the series.”

Prism Book Alliance– 3.75/5- “This book is a light and entertaining read. If you like shifters and hot sex scenes I think you will enjoy it.

The ending sets up for the next book very well and I look forward to reading more of the series.”

The Jeep Diva– 4/5- “Ms. Black delivered an evolution of acceptance and love. Many times in a shifter book, fated mates go from zero to sixty with little to no substance. Not in Our Omega. The relationship took its time and allowed for a meaningful union, giving way to a lovely story and not a sexual frenzy.

Noah and Dax, strong men were also portrayed as caring and tender- a trait which endeared me. I love a man that is open to feeling and emotions and can show love. The two men adored Landon and their ability to care for the young man was apparent in Ms. Black’s portrayal.

A resurgence of past characters and the further development of others lend itself to future books in the series. And ones that I definitely look forward too.”

Joyfully Reviewed–  “Abundant emotional drama and multiple layers to the storyline Our Omega guarantees a stunning story and delivers.  A large cast of intriguing characters, a well thought out plotline, and angst aplenty makes for an extremely entertaining tale.  Noah is a flawed, fractured Alpha, Dax brave and sure of his place in life, Landon the enigma they revolve around.  Readers are also treated to lots of sizzling hot knock your socks off sex between the mates.  High octane on all counts, Our Omega is an absolute treat. Can’t wait to see what happens next with the Great Lakes Wolves.”



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  1. Barbara Wistrom July 21, 2019 at 9:32 pm #

    Is there to be a book 3 for great lakes wolves because I have to tell you there should be. Love this series

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