Sneak Peak!

15 Jan



Here’s a sneak peak of Accepting the Alpha. It will be available for download at Totally Bound beginning Jan 17.


Kellan waited until Eli was out of earshot before turning on Jai. “Is he claimed?” he growled, urgency creeping into his tone.

Jai studied Kellan in shock. “No, Kel, he doesn’t have a mate, but he’s also not gay.”

Relief filled Kellan at the news that the gorgeous man had no other entanglements. While nothing would have stopped him from claiming what was his, an existing relationship would have made things more difficult. Thankfully, fate had practically delivered his mate on a silver platter.

Mate? He couldn’t believe his luck. Jai was always talking about the elusive Eli. He was constantly regaling them with stories of their childhood and all the trouble they had caused as pups. While Kellan had found the stories amusing, he had never given much thought to the friend Jai held in such high regard. He couldn’t believe how much time he had wasted with his mate simply by not taking a more active interest in meeting the man who meant so much to one of his closest friends. It was painfully obvious that he had been spending too much time lately wrapped up in his own trivial bullshit. The anger and regret building inside him, caused by his own short-sightedness, made him want to kick his own ass.

All of that was about to change. Eli was within his reach and there was no doubt in his mind that he belonged to Kellan. While the man being straight was an unfortunate hiccup in his plans, he could work around it. Eli wouldn’t be the first man Kellan had been with who had claimed to only be attracted to women, but he would be the last. They all started out with the same spiel about ‘men just not doing it for them’, but it wasn’t long after that they had all ended up moaning and writhing on the end of his dick. From what Jai had told him of their birth pack, where same sex unions were not only frowned upon but banned entirely, Eli had likely never been exposed to same sex mating. Kellan knew it was only a matter of time before he had Eli right where he wanted him.

Despite his upbringing, Kellan could already sense the curiosity building in the other man. He had seen his mate checking out the club’s other patrons, as well as Kellan himself. The thought of being the only man to ever have the pleasure of touching Eli had Kellan’s cock filling with painful speed. He winced as he tried to adjust the growing bulge in his pants. He was hopeful that, with a little luck, he would be able to convince his mate to see things his way before the week was over.

A moment’s doubt filled him, however, as he looked on at the wolf fate had chosen to be his partner in life. He had to admit, he was a little surprised by the sheer size and presence of the other man. Kellan tended to pick bed partners that were both physically and emotionally submissive to him. As an Alpha, it was something his wolf demanded. Eli was a strong, dominant wolf in his own right. Kellan was worried Eli’s beast would not allow him to submit to Kellan, the way the Alpha needed him to. He mulled over the issue briefly, before dismissing his concerns. He was the Alpha and Eli was his destined mate. The gods  would not give him a mate unable to meet his needs. Eli would learn to submit and Kellan would enjoy teaching him how.

Kellan followed Eli’s progress as his mate gracefully worked his way through the crowd, enjoying the play of muscles, as they bunched and flexed with every move of Eli’s hard-packed body. His mate was magnificent and it quickly became clear to Kellan that he was not the only one who noticed. To his intense displeasure, his man was stopped numerous times by both men and women trying every trick in the book to draw him onto the dance floor. The blush blooming on his mate’s cheeks was enticing, as he good-naturedly tried to fight off their advances.

Kellan couldn’t fault the others their appreciation of the man. With his tall, muscled frame and dark good looks, he was nothing like the men Kellan usually took to his bed. The definition of his hard body was easy to see through the thin material of his T-shirt, and the worn jeans he was barely wearing were molded to his ass like a second skin. They were so thin, Kellan could swear he saw a hint of ass peeking through them. The possibility of his mate going commando had him nearly salivating.

Kellan continued to watch as a still blushing Eli was dragged onto the dance floor and into the embrace of a large cat shifter from one of the local prides. A snarl escaped Kellan and his hackles rose, causing Jai to throw him another appraising look, but Kellan was past the point of caring. Looking was one thing, but no one got to touch what was his!

After pushing away from the table, he stormed down the stairs and stalked his mate across the room. As he neared, he could clearly make out the large hands of the cat trying to get a firm grip on his mate’s ass. Sensing his mate’s discomfort, Kellan released the growl that had been building in his chest.

Both men’s heads jerked up at the sound. The look on Kellan’s face must have been enough to relay his unhappiness because the cat was across the room almost faster than even Kellan’s wolf sight could register. The relief he felt from Eli warmed him, helping to calm his still agitated wolf. That he had successfully protected his mate only increased Kellan’s need to claim him. Without a conscious thought, Kellan grabbed Eli’s hand and gently pulled him into his body.

While Eli was hesitant, his eyes were filled with only confusion. There was no fear or disgust, which helped to further soothe Kellan’s wolf. As he looked down into his mate’s midnight eyes, he felt himself drowning in their depths. Wrapping his arms around the smaller man’s waist, he drew Eli closer until they were chest to chest, pressed together so tightly that Kellan could feel every dip and bump of his mate’s rippled abdomen. It also meant he was very aware of the massive hard-on Eli’s jeans were in no way helping to conceal. From what he could feel, the man had to be rockin’ at least eight inches and Kellan couldn’t wait to get a taste.

“Oh, darlin’,” he drawled, running a hot hand down the front of Eli’s jeans, giving the impressive bulge a firm squeeze, “is that for me?”


2 Responses to “Sneak Peak!”

  1. alexandra January 18, 2014 at 3:30 pm #

    Early download from Total eBound and loved it! WOW!! If this is your first eBook, what a debut!! The chemistry between MC’s just SO HOT!! Just love both MC’s.

    Is the next story of Dylan & Jai? I really, really like Jai…he’s funny and just so adorable! I can’t wait for what’s next in the series? EXCELLENT work! When is the next book out?

    • jjblackbook January 18, 2014 at 11:06 pm #

      I’m so glad you liked it! Eli and Kellan have been with me for a while, just begging for me to tell their story. You will definitely be seeing more of Jai and Dylan in coming books. I am just wrapping up GLW #2 and getting it ready to head off for edits 🙂

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