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4 Apr

Are the vast mysteries of life getting you down? Looking for love in the wrong places… and species? Are you torn between the choice to save the world, or destroy it? Whether you are looking for the secrets of the universe or the best Chinese take-out in town, the team at Revelations has the answers you seek.

Owned and operated by Oracle Grayson Muir, Revelations boasts a diverse staff, with consultants made up of the most qualified practitioners in their fields. With a psychic, a private investigator, and a warlock, just to name a few, no problem is too big. Whether your problems are magical or mundane, call the team at Revelations, where the answers will soon be revealed.


When you absolutely have to know…

Grayson Muir is a know-it-all. No, seriously…he really does know it all. The strength of his abilities has him rumored to be the most powerful Oracle in the world. Gray couldn’t care less. All his life, Gray has played by his own rules. Whether through his own private clients or his work with the police, his only goal has been to use his gift to help as many people and paras as he can. With abilities like Gray’s, he doesn’t have time for any distractions.

Unfortunately, that is exactly what he gets when Andreo Demos, a six-hundred-year-old Lust Demon, pays him an unexpected visit. Dreo has been sent by the Demon Council with an appeal for assistance. The Lord of the Underworld has been murdered, the Demon kingdom has been thrown into chaos and Gray’s help is needed to identify the murderer.

Gray has his doubts. Demons don’t have the best reputations, after all. Still, despite his reservations, there is something about Dreo that calls to him. Whether it’s his dark good looks or the startling knowledge that Dreo believes they are destined mates, Gray can’t help but agree to offer his assistance.

Unfortunately, their road to happiness isn’t destined to be an easy one. Between court intrigue, their own unexpected mating and a murderer still on the loose, they are definitely going to have their work cut out for them. What are the chances, they’ll get their happy ending? Ask the Oracle.


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